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Forest school sessions for schools

Let's get outside of the classroom!

Case study

Wild Wood Kids @ East Peckham Primary School September 2018/2019

Forest School..For those who haven’t heard of the concept, Forest school provides children with the opportunity to learn through play in a ‘woodland /outdoor’ setting. By spending time in nature a child is given time & space to make their own choices, decisions & and fun! Sessions are predominately child led.

Amongst the huge array of benefits that the playing and learning outdoors can provide for children, Forest School can encourage problem solving, decision making, develops confidence, self esteem & independence, creativity & practical skills and a deeper knowledge of the world the child lives in.

Having spent nearly a full school year with the Robins, I have watched as the children have developed and honed their confidence, their knowledge of flora & fauna and have learnt how to manage their own risk by knowing their boundaries and limitations.

I look forward to working with the children again in year one and of course meeting our new Robins in September.


Small acorns grow into huge oaks

Forest School is about the development of confidence and self-esteem. Small achievements if they are self initiated can be very positive steps in confidence building. 

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