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What to expect at a Wild Tots stay and play session?

Fun fresh air & mud... 

It's essential that your child has the right footwear for the forest - wellies or strong outdoor shoes are essential, we can't accept children wearing anything but these! Tip - Neoprene lined wellies keep little feet warmer than normal wellies!

The right clothes = happy children.  Think layers! If your child gets hot its easier to strip off. Once a child is cold, it's really tricky to bring the happiness back!


Children can't fully experience the outdoors if they are worried about getting dirty, always wear old clothes you don't mind getting wet or muddy.

Step back and watch your child as they learn new skills, don't be tempted to step in this is CHILD LED play. These sessions will build self esteem, resilience & confidence. That is the magic of Forest School!


Small acorns grow into huge oaks

Forest School is about the development of confidence and self-esteem. Small achievements if they are self initiated can be very positive steps in confidence building. 

Craft activities, story telling, song singing, music making, treasure hunts, climbing trees, mud fun... the list goes on!!

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